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Finpay is an umbrella product brand of PT Finnet Indonesia which began operating in 2006 as a provider of financial technology services and focuses on providing solutions for various industries that require digital payment solutions.

Finpay provide Payment Gateway services that facilitating secure and efficient online transactions processing payments through various payment methods, such as : credit cards, bank transfers, Bank Virtual Account, e-money or electronic money, cash payments through retail outlets and so much more. Finpay also provides various services such as money transfer services, disbursement services and also bill payment services that currently has 524 billers (business or service provider that generates bills or invoices).

Three easy step for getting value using our Finpay Services :


    Register your account

    to retrieve API access and other Finpay Services.


    Sign in to our

    Sandbox integration pages

    to be able to use the integration progress feature and also the transaction simulator feature.


    Save and realtime

    Transactions monitoring

    on the dashboard page and reporting payment transactions from customers.

Need customization in providing the best customer experience and value added services to your customers? Don't hesitate to contact and discuss the best solutions with us through Finpay Care