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Virtual Account is a product that allows users to make financial transaction easier and more efficient without the need to input your bank account number and other personal information when you want to make payment. This payment method is widely used in online buying and selling bussiness and the purpose is for payment transaction. With a quick look, it is looks like bank transfer , but those two payment method are quite different. In some bank, they allow to use virtual account in standard bank transfer and can be process not only for on us transaction in the same institution (bank) but also can be done from off us transaction. Other bank may implement different flow where virtual account can be process within on us transaction only.

Technical Specification

Body Request

NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 orderObjectM112Detail of Order
2 customerObjectM18Detail of Customer
3 urlObjectM14Detail of Url
4 billingObjectO11Detail of Billing
5 shippingObjectO14Detail of Shipping
6 metaObjectO11Detail of MetaData
7 cardObjectO17Detail of Card
8 recurringObjectO111Detail of Recurring
9 sourceOfFundsObjectM111Detail of SourceOfFunds
10 deviceObjectO17Detail of Device

Sample Request

"customer": {
"email": "",
"firstName": "Hajar",
"lastName": "Ismail",
"mobilePhone": "+6281286288844"
"order": {
"id": "1680576995412",
"amount": "1000",
"description": "Testing"
"url": {
"callbackUrl": ""
"sourceOfFunds": {
"type": "vamandiri"

Body Response

NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 responseCodeEnumM17Response Code
2 responseMessageStringM1500Response Message
3 paymentCodeStringM130Payment Code
4 redirecturlStringM1320Redirect URL
5 expiryLinkStringM119Expiry Link
6 processingTimeNumberM120Processing Time
7 appurlStringO1320App URL
8 imageurlStringO1320Image URL
9 accountListArrayO14Account List

Sample Response

"responseCode": "2000000",
"responseMessage": "Success",
"redirecturl": "",
"expiryLink": "2023-04-05 09:56:35",
"paymentCode": "8802700000076850",
"processingTime": 0.9721949100494385