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Hosted Payment


Hosted Payment is one of the recomended products that allows Merchants to easily and quickly integrate with Finpay Payment Gateway to start accepting payments with any of payment method options. Hosted Payment uses a Web Page URL redirect mechanism with single integration process, Hosted Payment allow to choose various payment methods in Finpay Page. This mechanism is suitable for every business scale from small businesses to enterprises.

This is an overview of how Hosted Payment works :


Transaction Flow

The overall end-to-end payment process in Hosted Payment is illustrated in following sequence diagram:

API Request

Body Request

NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 orderObjectM112Detail of Order
2 customerObjectM18Detail of Customer
3 urlObjectM14Detail of Url
4 billingObjectO11Detail of Billing
5 shippingObjectO14Detail of Shipping
6 metaObjectO11Detail of MetaData
7 cardObjectO17Detail of Card
8 recurringObjectO111Detail of Recurring
9 sourceOfFundsObjectO111Detail of SourceOfFunds
10 deviceObjectO17Detail of Device

Sample Request

"customer": {
"email": "",
"firstName": "Hajar",
"lastName": "Ismail",
"mobilePhone": "+6281286288844"
"order": {
"id": "order123",
"amount": "1000",
"description": "Testing"
"url": {
"callbackUrl": ""

Body Response

NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 responseCodeEnumM17Response Code
2 responseMessageStringM1500Response Message
3 paymentCodeStringO130Payment Code
4 redirecturlStringM1320Redirect URL
5 expiryLinkStringM119Expiry Link
6 processingTimeNumberM120Processing Time
7 appurlStringO1320App URL
8 imageurlStringO1320Image URL
9 accountListArrayO14Account List

Sample Response

"responseCode": "2000000",
"responseMessage": "Success",
"redirecturl": "",
"expiryLink": "2023-05-18 14:55:24",
"processingTime": 0.5706689357757568