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One Click Payment

One click payment is a payment model concept that takes convenience to the next level by allowing customers to make purchases with a single click or tap, without the need to go through the traditional payment process. This simplified payment method aims to reduce friction even further and speed up the buying experience for online shoppers.

This is a payment model commonly used for subscription-based services, memberships, utility bills, insurance premiums, and other ongoing or periodic expenses. This service is also known as recurring payment

Recurring payments offer convenience to both customers and businesses. Customers do not need to manually make payments every time a service or subscription is renewed, as the payment is automatically deducted from their credit card number. This saves time and ensures continuity of service. For businesses, recurring payments provide a predictable and regular revenue stream, reducing the need for manual invoicing and follow-ups.


Before doing this process, make sure you have done the Retrieve Stored Card API to get the credit card token used for the transaction.

Data Request

NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 orderObjectM112Detail of Order
2 customerObjectM18Detail of Customer
3 urlObjectO14Detail of Url
4 billingObjectO11Detail of Billing
5 shippingObjectO14Detail of Shipping
6 metaObjectO11Detail of MetaData
7 cardObjectM17Detail of Card
8 recurringObjectO111Detail of Recurring
9 sourceOfFundsObjectO111Detail of SourceOfFunds
10 deviceObjectO17Detail of Device

Sample Request

"customer": {
"id": "",
"email": "",
"firstName": "Hajar",
"lastName": "Ismail",
"mobilePhone": "+6281286288844"
"order": {
"id": "1685522307103",
"amount": "1000",
"currency": "IDR",
"description": "Testing"
"card": {
"token": "81b36a850c2e40458bad296f952084b516c919ca717d448722782769b81b9fd9",
"storedOnFile": "STORED"

Data Response

NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 responseCodeEnumM17Response Code
2 responseMessageStringM1500Response Message
3 dataObjectM111Array of data
NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 acquirerObjectC110Acquirer
2 amountNumericO114Amount
3 authorizationCodeStringO1100Authorization Code
4 currencyStringO33Currency
5 idStringO140ID of Payment
6 receiptStringO1100Receipt
7 referenceStringO140Reference ID
9 stanNumberO16Stan
10 terminalStringO116Transaction Terminal

Sample Response

"responseCode": "2000000",
"responseMessage": "Success",
"data": {
"acquirer": {
"batch": 20230531,
"date": "0531",
"id": "CIMB_S2I",
"merchantId": "000800910091992",
"settlementDate": "2023-05-31",
"timeZone": "+0700",
"transactionId": "123456789"
"amount": 1000,
"authorizationCode": "082941",
"currency": "IDR",
"id": "C-46081b76-b4e7-4260-aebc-bdd5368d186d",
"receipt": "315108082941",
"reference": "C-46081b76-b4e7-4260-aebc-bdd5368d186d",
"source": "INTERNET",
"stan": "83950",
"terminal": "CIMBIN01",
"type": "CAPTURE"
"processingTime": 4.724647045135498