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Two Click Payment

Two-click payment is a payment model concept that refers to a simplified checkout process for online purchases. The idea behind two-click payment is to reduce the number of steps required for customers to complete a transaction, making the process fast and convenient. Since the customer's credit card data information is already stored, they only need to fill in the Card Security Code to process the transaction.


Before doing this process, make sure you have done the Retrieve Stored Card API to get the credit card token used for the transaction.

Data Request

NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 orderObjectM112Detail of Order
2 customerObjectM18Detail of Customer
3 urlObjectM14Detail of Url
4 billingObjectO11Detail of Billing
5 shippingObjectO14Detail of Shipping
6 metaObjectO11Detail of MetaData
7 cardObjectM17Detail of Card
8 recurringObjectO111Detail of Recurring
9 sourceOfFundsObjectM111Detail of SourceOfFunds
10 deviceObjectO17Detail of Device

Sample Request

"customer": {
"id": "",
"email": "",
"firstName": "Hajar",
"lastName": "Ismail",
"mobilePhone": "+6281286288844"
"order": {
"id": "1685522371836",
"amount": "1000",
"currency": "IDR",
"description": "Testing"
"url": {
"callbackUrl": ""
"card": {
"token": "81b36a850c2e40458bad296f952084b516c919ca717d448722782769b81b9fd9",
"storedOnFile": "STORED"
"sourceOfFunds": {
"type": "cc"

Data Response

NoNameTypeMandatoryMin LengthMax LengthDescription
1 responseCodeEnumM17Response Code
2 responseMessageStringM1500Response Message
3 paymentCodeStringO130Payment Code
4 redirecturlStringM1320Redirect URL
5 expiryLinkStringM119Expiry Link
6 processingTimeNumberM120Processing Time
7 appurlStringO1320App URL
8 imageurlStringO1320Image URL
9 accountListArrayO14Account List

Sample Response

"responseCode": "2000000",
"responseMessage": "Success",
"redirecturl": "",
"expiryLink": "2023-06-01 15:39:31",
"processingTime": 0.2061138153076172